Questions / Thoughts

Omnipotent Me

This should be interesting. If I were the omnipotent ruler of the world, what five executive orders, royal decrees, etc. would I put into place? Hmmm…

Forming this short list appears deceptively easy, but it is not. Would I make the world better? Well, ideologically, something would be wrong with me if I did not or did not want to. However, I sometimes wonder if the trials and obstacles in the world can ultimately benefit us. I’m sure most of my audience finds me ridiculous and obviously inexperienced in the process of suffering. True. But I find it necessary to leave, to some degree, my personal beliefs out of this discussion – at least explicitly. But what of the validity of the argument that adverse circumstances provide humans with the chance to help their fellow beings. Only in these times can we show true compassion, true love. Besides, the things I would most hope for humanity to receive cannot be ordered upon our species; we must each choose. One such as I cannot force true devotion, love, or compassion. Ultimately, what I list will be limited in scope and effectiveness.

  1. Every person shall travel to another country. (The powers that be will ensure this opportunity.)
  2. Every child shall receive the right to regularly attend a well-endowed educational institution and   must do so in addition to having the liberty to pursue whatever study he or she wishes.
  3. Every person, when approaching a social issue, shall first, before declaring a decision or forming an argument, adequately place him- or herself in the position of all of those affected by the issue at hand.
  4. I hereby abolish the death penalty.
  5. There shall be no mortal, omnipotent ruler of the world.

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