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Resources are Resources

Women awaiting food-aid rations. Courtesy of AFP/Getty Images

In preparing for our first project, our class faces the question of whether or not to consider both food and monetary donations in our drive to aid East African famine relief efforts. I should specify by adding that “considering” these donations applies only to the extent of our supplemental contest. Whoever accrues the most donations will receive an ‘A’ for the assignment. The question remains, should we include monetary donations in calculating each class member’s total contribution?

Frankly, yes. Both food and money are necessary. If we look to the national and international stages, we see humanitarian efforts in favor of various contributions. The United States, in conjunction with international partners, has committed itself to aid in forms of both immediate, short-term-oriented food supplies as well as financial aid for long-term goals, including stabilization of local food-producing regions.

I enjoy friendly competition as much as a person can. However, the ultimate goal of this project, beyond our own advancement in knowledge of multimedia authorship and creation, is to provide aid and support to a cause much greater than ourselves.

To question whether or not to include money in this contest’s calculations would seem to question the value of monetary contributions in this particular endeavor, and I believe we would all agree that both food itself and money are both required to aid this region to the fullest extent possible.

Resources are resources, and ultimately, this project is not about us.


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