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Well, today is the day. Today is the day that I begin actually assembling pieces of an until-now-theoretical collage. Staring at a big, white, blank 20×30 board is one of the most daunting feelings. Time to get started!

Some of my various “materials”:

Things become so much trickier when it becomes concrete and tangible. I’m currently trying to calculate measurements for each element of the board, so I can map it out and have an idea of the location for each piece, but I wonder just how accurate each of my projections will prove to be…

(And for those who are curious, smashing that clay pot you see into pieces was indeed quite fun, although a little scary, too.)

(Elapsed time 15-ish minutes…)

Here is one of my first photo edits, using a picture I found online:

45 minutes later…
There are others, too. They just aren’t quite ready yet…
Later that day… The board! Kinda…
I was very pleased with the textured spray paint I chose. Just my own personal opinion, but I believe it added depth to the board itself in addition to my original intentions for it — to show the duality and juxtaposition of the elements that have yet to be added. (That might make a bit more sense once you see the rest of the board.)
Late that night... (And just for the record, I have not been working on the project this entire time. I’m doing pieces at a time, with breaks for other stuff in between. I just wanted to attempt to blog throughout the entire process as things come together.)
With that I would like to add that so far I am very excited about how my different elements are coming together!
A few updates:

At this point these pieces of the project will remain mostly as they are until critiques on the draft in class on Tuesday, so I’ll end my blog journey here. I can’t wait to share my collage!

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