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Agitation and Reformation

In preparation for our latest project, I’m beginning to mull over reforms that I would suggest (and be able to build a case for) at TCU. My favored idea at this moment is a proposal to grandfather students’ tuition rates to those contemporary with their initial enrollment, essentially locking students into the tuition rate at which they begin full-time, undergraduate study.

A small handful of schools currently have policies set that allow such tuition freezes, but they come with a fee. Would such a measure be so drastic for universities?

This question will guide my ensuing preliminary research. Before I can build my case or present reformation measures, I have to determine its viability. I’ll also have to discover the advantages presented by such changes. Administrators won’t just change the status quo without compelling arguments and perceived advantage.

I have faced such tuition increases two years (2010-2011, 2011-2012 ) in a row, and I fully anticipate another increase. The difficult aspect to swallow is that the rate of increase is not even steady; this, too, has increased each subsequent year.


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