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Confessions of an AD/PR Major

I’m beginning to face a dilemma; I would call it a duality of perception. (Note: I have yet to decide if it is an acceptable or negative thing.)

As a human being, I am becoming increasingly aware of the lack of privacy in society, with digital technology increasingly infringing on my personal information and doings. On the other hand, as a student of advertising and public relations, I spend my free time learning more and more about cutting-edge technology and the hottest trends in the online realm. I find these advances fascinating, yet on a personal level this genius seems to step into an eery light.

Perhaps as a society we’ve become alienated from ourselves and our abilities to connect with others, so these online forums for networking, sharing, and expressing are an appealing channel for such activity. Activity that I would argue is a common and essential form of relating to others – a vital dimension of human development.

But this leads me to another question, how did we first become so disconnected? Many argue that technology and the rise of the digital realm is to blame. Wouldn’t the conjunction of the latter observation to the former create a contradiction?

What do you think? Why has the digital revolution been so revolutionary to culture? What element of the  human experience did it introduce or alter, and why is that element so necessary?

And for you infographic lovers like me, check this out!


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