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"Personality in Design" & Dreamweaver

Aaron Walters posted an interesting article, an excerpt from his book titled Designing for Emotion, about always remembering the “human element” necessary in design. This connection is required in order for any sort of image, argument, or other persuasion attempt to hope to successfully reach an audience.

I am hoping to integrate this concept in every level of my website’s design. Walters examines specialists in human-computer interaction, and he refutes the application of their approach. Instead, he advocates for human-human interaction, if you will.

If we’re doing our job well, the computer recedes into the background, and personalities rise to the surface. To achieve this goal, we must consider how we interact with one another in real life. (para. 4)

 Keeping these principles in mind will perhaps make my arguments for reform in TCU’s tuition policies stronger and more effective, and perhaps in turn, persuasive.

And for those of you interested in my progress on my latest project, the aforementioned site advocating for my proposed reform at TCU, I have the basic site set up! Not a big step or accomplishment (well, it is for me), but certainly the first and most critical step!


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