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I’m becoming the enthusiastic digital media consumer that I learn about 18 hours a week in advertising and public relations classes. And it feels great. Today, while scrolling through news on my Google Reader RSS feed, I flipped past an article about Justin Bieber and Instagram. (I wasn’t much interest, seeing as how Instagram has yet to reach Android, and I couldn’t care much less about Biebs.)

However, at the bottom of the article was a list (and I LOVE lists) of items you can purchase/make using your Instagram images – bracelets, books, etc. This caught my interest, so I clicked to the actual article and clicked through that gallery. While there, I discovered an app called Postagram, which uses your images from Instagram, Facebook, and even your phone (which is nice, because I’m still rather impatiently waiting for Instagram to reach Android). You can send an image as a postcard to anyone your heart desires.

I then immediately got the app and set everything up on my phone. I even sent one to myself to test it out. (Guess who can’t wait to check her mail in 5-7 days…) I then proceeded to tweet about my new find, and a friend replied to me out of curiosity. Thanks to RSS, blogs, and micro-blogs (a.k.a. Twitter), a business now has one (actually, make that two) new consumers – very excited consumers at that.

Seing the connection to travel yet? I’m more psyched than ever to go to Europe. Now, I can send pictures of places that I go as postcards to my loved ones back home.


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