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and again I say, rejoice!

My departure to London has taken a few rough turns. Everything went smoothly getting to DFW and finding my gate, and despite the delayed flight that left just before mine, Flight 1274 boarded on time. We then sat in the plane for 3 hours before finally departing for Philly. The three-hour layover I was originally anticipating to precede my connection to London Heathrow was no longer sufficient; I missed it. US Airways booked me for the next flight to London – 24 hours later.

So now I’m hanging out in the City of Brotherly Love until precisely 9:50 this evening. Rather than having a weekend to acclimate to London, I’m down to about an afternoon before classes start. I’m determined not to prattle further about the inconveniences incurred by these changed plans. (See below)

I’ve always dreamed big, and along with that I want to be the kind of person who isn’t afraid of adventure. So as I frequently had to calm myself down while waiting on the plane, flying on the plane, and speaking to the booking agent, I tried to remind myself of this aspiration. Even as my plans have changed, I will eventually arrive in London. I will eventually see a dream come true. And blessedly, the Lord has given me a peace that passes all understanding, especially mine.

I’m ashamed to admit, though, that I have still had weak moments of despair, mostly of frustration over little details, rather than the bigger picture. My prayer eventually became that whatever travel detours He had in mind, I would humbly accept, asking that He would show me and teach me what He desires and that I would continue to trust in His faithfulness and provision. He didn’t promise a smooth journey, just a safe landing (pun intended). And ultimately, everything in this life is fleeting (ooh! another pun!).

I’m still not looking forward to waiting eight hours in the Philadelphia airport, but I’M GOING TO EUROPE! And, I got to stay in a really nice hotel, free of charge. And, I can now tell you from experience that true Philly Cheesesteaks are incredible.

My dream to study abroad and to see the world (cliché as they may be) has always stemmed from a desire to be a person, a servant, willing to step out of my comfort zone, to trust in the Lord’s guidance and sufficiency. It’s taking baby steps (although this has felt more like leaps-for-mankind to me), but I will trust in Him. Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!


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