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Biz Stone: “Things a Little Bird Told Me”

12 May 2009, San Francisco, California, USA — Isaac “Biz” Stone, co-founder and Creative Director of Twitter, Inc. in their San Francisco, California headquarters. — Image by © Kim Kulish/Corbis

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, began his keynote address at the PRSA International Conference with the assertion that “In order to succeed spectacularly, you must be willing to fail spectacularly;” this is the entrepreneurial spirit.

Biz then shared many of his experiences working on podcasts, Twitter and Obvious Corp., among others, to relate several key ideas he has realized. The first, Stone stated that opportunity can, in fact, be manufactured. In our careers, we can manufacture opportunities and capitalize on them.

Second, creativity is a renewable resource.

Third, change is not a triumph of technology; it is a triumph of humanity.

Finally, there is compound impact from altruism. Twitter, and other social media platforms, is about the democratization of information. Particularly in the public relations industry, people are no longer concerned just about the product or service offered. They want to know the character of the company and its employees. Companies are not bulletproof, and consumers want to see vulnerability.


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