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Biz Stone: “Things a Little Bird Told Me”

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, began his keynote address at the PRSA International Conference with the assertion that “In order to succeed spectacularly, you must be willing to fail spectacularly;” this is the entrepreneurial spirit. Biz then shared many of his experiences working on podcasts, Twitter and Obvious Corp., among others, to relate several … Continue reading

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Social Media and the 2012 Election

Larry Parnell, a top PR professional and professor at George Washington University, and David Almacy, a former press director for President George W. Bush and a public affairs specialist at Edelman in D.C., led this session. Parnell began the session by establishing the context of social media, presenting the statistics of adoption and usage of … Continue reading

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Fall Fashion in Elle Ukraine

In a spread from Elle Ukraine‘s 2010 September issue, photographer Nikolay Biryukov, along with creative director Nataliya Osadchaya, captures a haunting, vacant mood with his photographs of model Charlotte.   I think this photograph is beautiful. The patches of diffused and direct light and the shadows that light casts are somewhat whimsical and haunting at the same … Continue reading

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Howard Schatz and the Poetry of Dance

Above is a gallery of Howard Schatz’s photography, specifically of dancers in various portfolios. These photographs, as well as the rest of Schatz’s work, may be viewed in his website portfolio. Howard Schatz, 72, is an internationally famed photographer, particularly well-known for his underwater photography. However, Schatz did not begin his photography career until the … Continue reading

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I’m becoming the enthusiastic digital media consumer that I learn about 18 hours a week in advertising and public relations classes. And it feels great. Today, while scrolling through news on my Google Reader RSS feed, I flipped past an article about Justin Bieber and Instagram. (I wasn’t much interest, seeing as how Instagram has … Continue reading